Connecting to Exchange with Outlook express

Hi, I heard that it is possible to pop mail from exchange using Outlook Express.
Seems very conviniant.
We use SBS 2003, Do i need to do any special configuration for that?
Does that POP routine, remove the message from exchange. It shold not do that. I need this option just as a reminder that somebody got mail. For answers they should use OWA so we can keep track of the correspondense with the customers.
I belive that the setup in OE would be like: popserver=ServerIp username and password and port 25
But how do I do if I have spaces in logon names. Can I use the emailaddress intsead? Is ther a workoround or can I use spaces in the logon account name in OE.
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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:

SBS 2003 includes a license for users to use Outlook 2003, and this can be installed from \\servername\Clientapps\Outlook2003\setup.exe

If you prefer to use Outlook express which is free, then you can by all means do this.  On the client side, you need to create a POP3 account with the following settings:

Incoming mail (POP3) server: servername
Username:  SBSUsername (may require SBSusername@sbsdomainname)
Password: SBS Password
Advanced Settings -> Tick "Leave a copy of messages on server"

On the server setup, you will need to enable the POP Virtual server on the Exchange server.

I hope this helps, please ask if you require any more info.
It is very easy, you can use either pop3 protocoll or IMAP.
On your server, go to services and find the exchange pop3 or Imap and make sure they are set to automtic. Then start the services and you're barely done !
Within outlook express when you make the configuration, go to advanced options and check the box "leave a copy of the messages on the server" otherwise you will loose all messages on the server.
Open the ports on your firewall and or router so they redirect to your exchange server.
perbackmanAuthor Commented:
I went to services and kicked on the exchange pop3
Then I tried to pop my mail from it with OE. It did not work whatever username i used
We use dyndns like thats what i put as pop3 servername
and I have unfortunatly user names like Firstname Lastname with space. Would it matter?
Would I have to open more ports in SBS internetconfiguration wizard?

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
WHY do you want to use Outlook Express???  POP3 is really not a good business class email protocol.  Even though you think that using POP3 with OE is "convenient", it can cause more issues than its worth.

Instead, you don't have Outlook 2003 at home, then use Outlook Web Access.  If you do have Outlook 2003, then you should be using RPC over HTTPS.

This feature must be enabled in the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW -- which is linked as Connect to the Internet in the Server Management Console > To-Do List) by checking the box on the Web Services Configuration Screen for "Outlook via the Internet".

A visual how-to is here:

Port 443 must be open on your router/firewall.

Then RPC over HTTPS client configuration instructions are on the server's Remote Web Workplace main menu -- linked as "Configure Outlook via the Internet" -- access the RWW Main Menu by going to http://localhost/remote from on your server.  (See for more info on RWW).

A full overview for SBS based RPC/HTTPS configurations is here:

In any event, your username isn't "Firstname Lastname" with a space.  Look in the Users snapin of the Server Management Console and look at what it says for "login name".  Most likely that will be FirstnameLastname@yourdomain.local.



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