Disk Quota Setup

I have a windows server 2003 network and wish to setup disk quotas on their home drive.

Is there a piece of software that can manage this for me, or is there a way of importing all the users from Active Directory in the Quota Management option on the server hard drive.

I wish to do it on a per user basis, and ideally let it create the entry when i create a new user.

Any Ideas? Thanks
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Why not use the built-in Windows Quota tools?  In the Quota Entries box, add the "Domain Users" group for your domain.  This will mean that as long as the new users you create are a member of that group, the quota will be enforced.  Make sense?
Sorry, I need to retract that statement...I think I'm a bit tired tonight...I don't believe you can do group based quotas in 2003 server.  Quotas are also per volume, so if the home drives are on the same volume as other folders, you'll have a problem.
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