Need to reset Toshiba Equium a200 BIOS password.

Hi Each.

I have just been given a Toshiba Equium laptop to repair. The customer has lost her Vista password.
But when I switched the machine on, I was presented with a screen requesting a BIOS password in order to proceed further.  The customer was present and claims never to have set any password other than her user account password. (She is the sole user of the laptop which is only 4 weeks old.)
I have done some digging around the web but I can't find any usefull info on resetting the BIOS password on this particular model.
I have discovered however that traditional methods for clearing the CMOS will not work. There is also a utility provided by Toshiba for managing BIOS passwords but it only works from within Windows so I'm a bit snookered on that one.
Has anyone got any clues regarding resetting/bypassing the BIOS password on this model?

Thanks in advance.

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to get into touch with toshiba and provide them with proof of ownership, and probably you'll even have to send them the laptop. All modern laptops have very secure bios passwords which you can't crack.
☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this a hardware repair that it's in for?  I'm confused why it's not a warranty return if it's such a young machine.
The-FunsterAuthor Commented:
It's not a repair as such. The customer asked if I would reset her Vista user account password as she has forgotten it and can't log on. When I powered on the machine I was presented with the BIOS password request screen. I need to get past this before I can address the Vista password issue.
She could send the laptop back to Toshiba but I suspect that this would be very expensive.
What's more of an issue though is the fact that she is going abroad next week and wanted to take the laptop with her.

☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If she needs it quickly she will need to contact Tosh direct with serial # and supply satisfactory proof of ownership (as rindi has already advised)  faxed copy of receipt including serial usually will do - might help if she got the retailer involved too .  Tosh engineering/support software can generate an unlock password based on the model and S/N & this will override the user password.  Note - this only works the once so if they give her the password over the phone make sure it is entered correctly.  Once that has been done if you need to override it again it has to go to Tosh who will "flash" the security chip (for the pedants reading this I know it's not really flashing just to save your posts!).  THe usual routine is to return the unit for unlocking though.  Depending where you are the cost will probably be just shipping both ways plus a handling fee.

As you'll be well aware hardware manufacturers are starting to clamp down on making BIOS unlocks easy as knowing the machine can't be used if it is stolen is helping to improve sales (as well as deterring theft).
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