Does anyone know if you can have a Domino BES and Exchange BES run at the same time during Coexistence?

I am migrating from Domino 6.5 to Exchange 2007. Our current domino has BES working on it. I have setup Exchange 2007 and have only my Active Directory account with a mailbox. I can send mail out and all users see the mail coming from However, on the Exchange box, the domain is user@company.corp Since this isnt a qualifed Internet domain, mail is routed through the Domino (hosting and then forwarded over to the Exchange server (hosting company.corp) My dilema is, how do I get both BES installations (i have one for the exchange installed on a seperate server) to work together. I want to move my BB device (and those whom I will migrate over real soon) the the Exchange BES, but I am not sure how to do it. Any ideas? The Exchange BES is running on the same network as the Domino BES (both listen on port 3101 on same network.)

Thanks in advance for your efforts.
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It isn't at all uncommon to have multiple BES servers in the same company. Delete the user from the Domino BES, wait until the account is completely gone, and then create a new account for that user on the Exchange-connected BES. It'll work! The two BES servers may listen on the same port but they have different IP addresses.

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I agree, that delete on the old and add on the new should work fine as long as mail is reaching the exchange server OK.

I hope this helps !
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