System Restore: Where is the Log File Showing What Files Were Deleted During a Restore Operation

I would like to know exactly what files were removed during a restore operation.  

Question 1)  Does such a log file exist?

Question 2)  I would then like to be able to recover some of those files that were personal files, but incorrectly recognized by WSR as system files.  Such as a .exe file that was a self-installing zip file.

Refer to PAQ:

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Windows System Restore FAQ:

WSR Files Affected:
Jerry LAsked:
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Jerry LAuthor Commented:
If I understand correctly, the link you refer to is a 3rd party application having nothing to do with Windows System Restore.  Is that correct?  Or have I missed your point altogether?

Perhaps you are inferring (and confirming my suspicions) that there is no way to verify or view what files have actually been affected by the native Windows XP System Restore.  Is that correct?

Otherwise, your statement, "Check this out for your answer" is in fact not an answer to my question, but rather, simply an alternative workaround for a missing feature that Microsoft developers forgot to implement.  Can you please explain yourself more completely, if you don't mind.  Many thanks for your contribution.
Jerry LAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the poor grade, but you never replied to my follow up request for clarification... I can contact community support to change that if you'd like to add any information.  Thanks.
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