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Grabbing a value from the form control


I have control (jump menu) on my page.  I wouold like for a user to select a value from the list and then be able to click a link next to it with the selected value in the link itself.

Here is the link I have:

af_site.php?type=rm&rm_name='control value'

the control name is jmp_rm

Many Thanks.
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1 Solution
OK, give the select list an ID, call it the same as the name 'jmp_rm'.

Then put this in the <HEAD> of your web site:

<script language="javascript">

getURL(id) {
  window.location = 'af_site.php?type=rm&rm_name=' + document.getElementById(id).value;


The link next to the box will be like this:
<a href="javascript:getURL('jmp_rm');">Follow link</a>
Hi, you need javascript to do this.
Try the code below :)
<select name="jmp_rm" onchange="document.getElementById('Link').href = 'af_site.php?type=rm&rm_name=' + escape(this.value);">
<option>Please select ...</option>
<option value="value1">option 1</option>
<option value="value2">option 2</option>
<a href="#" id="Link">Go</a>

Open in new window

andyw27Author Commented:
Perfect, exactly what I'm looking for - thanks
andyw27Author Commented:
Can this be expanded abit.  I need to capture the same value but send it to a different page.  To do this I would like another link.  I've tried to alter the existing code however the first URL is coded into the onlick event of the control.  I've tried adding a second onchange event however that did not work?

Any suggestions?

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