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How to configure your own Secure Certificate for Small Business Server 2003

I would like to be able to configure a secure certificate for small business server 2003.  I'm not sure how i go about doing that and would like some information on how easy it is to do this, any implications to doing it/not doing it etc.  One thing to note is that i never configure a .com domain to the server and only the static ip address is used, which means users have to type in the static ip address i.e. mybusinessname.com/exchange  to access the server. Do you need to configure a domain name to the server before you can use a secure certificate?  

There will only be users from within the company accessing the server remotely, so is a secure certificate pointless for those since they already know that they can trust the company? or will it help their connections in anyway? at the moment they are just prompted with a message when accessing outlook web access that the server does not have a certificate, but they just click continue anyway, it does not seem to cause any problems.

One other thing i'm very curious about is if i do not configure a secure certificate for the server will that pose any problems for users trying to access exchange via their mobile phones?
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2 Solutions
Set up an A record on your hosting provider call it what you want internal.youdomain.com.

Run CIEW from the to do list and a section of this allows you to generate a certificate call the certificate internal.youdomain.com.

Then install cert on the clients.
scotlanAuthor Commented:
From what i believe it is a lot more complex than running CIEW,

here are two URLs that provide some info on it, however i do not know if this is all at all necessary or even if you are correct and running CIEW will indeed generate a secure certificate (because that sounds so easy)


Can anyone help because i am still confused
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It's NOT a lot more complex than running the CEICW.  Those articles do not pertain to Small Business Server, they are for a standard Windows Server 2003.  SBS does a lot of things for you automatically because it's a pre-configured environment.

Please review http://sbsurl.com/ceicw for a visual how-to.

Jeffs Right

During the CIEW you are prompted to generate the cert.

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