IE opens a secomd window if I type a new adderss

Really weird. I did an micorsoft update Thursday of just the high critical updates. I do have about 20 other updated that need to be installed but I wanted to see if there were any issues with the most critical updates. So it seems that I have a problem after the update.
IE is giving me errors in the event viewer and when I open IE up and type an address in the address bar and hit enter a new IE opens and locks up. I end task and get the MS error report.
What is your take? Should I finsh the updates? check for other bugs? do a sfc /scannow?

ms report
szAppName : IEXPLORE.EXE     szAppVer : 6.0.2900.2180     szModName : hungapp
szModVer :     offset : 00000000

Event viewer: 2 errors
Hanging application IEXPLORE.EXE, version 6.0.2900.2180, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000

1000=Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, faulting module user32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3099, fault address 0x00050cd3

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calitechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I tried what you said and it was already checked. I unchecked it and the second window still comes up to the page that I typed in the first one but it doesn't lock up. So if I check it again then the second page comes up but locks up.
Hello calitech,

In IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.  Check "Reuse window for shortcuts."  Click OK. Restart IE.

If no joy, finish the updates.  If you still have trouble, perform a system restore back to yesterday before you started the update.

Hope this helps!
I remember there was a critical update, which when installed created the same problem as you mentioned. I too had the same issue.

However, Microsoft fixed the issue in the next update(s)...don't remember which one...but if you install all the updates the issue will be fixed.
calitechAuthor Commented:
I finished doing the updates and same the same thing.
I did a restore the day before the update and the same thing still.
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