Htmlmarq.ocx registry error during Word 97 installation on XP SP2

After the installation of Word 97 in XP SP2,  an error box displayed a message indicating Htmlmarq.ocx could not be registered.
What is Htmlmarq's function?
How can I repair this error?
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAsked:
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Scroll down to the fourth post. It is by a Richard_Ford. He posts details on how he fixed
this very same problem.
Let us know if you need help with Regedit. You should proceed with caution in regedit
and as always, make a backup copy of the registry before making changes.

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Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAuthor Commented:
Which one of the Registry files should I back up.  If all of the Registry,  I think I need to locate all of the pieces and parts,

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Once you have regedit open, scroll up to the top of the tree window
on the left. Left click on MyComputer to select it, and then right click
and select EXPORT.. It will make a copy your entire registry. Put
it in a new folder easy to locate, like C:\Data for example... This way
if you need to restore with a utility it will be easy to locate.

I do this every once in a while with all my machines, as a precaution.
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help.
May I ask which restore utility do you perfer?  And would you recommend a Registry Cleaner or diagnostic utility for the Registry?  I'm asking because even though all my un-needed ports are closed and I have a Linksys hardware firewall,  I'm now, as I write this question, getting a popup message from Regedit that my Registry is corrupted and I should immediatly download and use thier product.  So an additional question:  How are they doing this.  Is it comming from E.E.?  Is it from a legitimate company or is this possible a spoof attack

It is a fake attack!! This is a common popup!!! It "LOOKS" like a genuine window dialog box but
if you look carefully it is mearly inside a IE window.. DO not click OK or Cancel.... Just click the
X in the upper right hand corner. This is more likely a spyware issue, and related to the websites
you are going to. If you do NOT even have IE open and these are popping up.. then you need
to clean out spyware.

I would not mess with Registry cleaners just yet or restore... Which by the way the windows one
should be sufficient if necessary.

Download and run the free versions of Adaware and Spyboy Search & Destroy... clean things out..
Also if you have not upgraded to IE7 yet, do it..!!! It is much better at removing all of this excess
crap from websites than previous version of Internet Explorer 6 and earlier.

I have found since installing IE7, that after I clean Temp Internet Files, then run Adaware and Spybot
they do NOT find as much crap as they used to under previous IE browsers..
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAuthor Commented:
I installed and ran the latest version of Webroot Spy Sweeper.  This fixed the popup add from Regedit.

If after backing up and changing the Registry per the instructions above,  if required, how do I restore the Registry?


Well fortunately I have never had to restore my registry. So I cannot give you specific
advice, but I imagine you may be able to restore it in Safe Mode OR some other recovery

Applying a .REG file to your registry, only takes a double click of the file.. so becareful..

Sound like you are in good shape now.. Keep the machine clean, and you should enjoy
years of work out of it.

I am still maintaining a machine for my sister purchase in 1999 designed for Win98se...
600mhz processor, 384MB RAM, 100mhz FSB, and it runs WinXPpro SP2 bareably!! LOL

It is a decent machine for Email, Office 2000 apps, and some light duty web browsing!
Perfect for my sister and she appreciates it just fine.
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