Numeric Edit Box Entry

I am using windows XP and borland C++ builder 6.0

I have created a form which has many edit boxes what I want to do is stop the user entering values that are non-numeric.  

Do edit boxes in c++ builder have any properties to stop the user doing this?

Appreciate any help
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You can use the MaskEdit Control, where you have a property to define a mask

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George TokasCommented:
Or use OnChange event handler and check as:
if(Edit1->Text.ToIntDef(-1) > -1).....
if the text contains a letter then the value will be -1...

George Tokas.
lisa_mcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies.

Swissknife - I have looked into these methods im just not sure how to use them could you explain?

gtokas - When the user clicks in the edit box he can enter number values I have to ensure no letters are entered but when the user presses X the program should then do something else.  Due to this I have to write all my code in the Edit1KeyPress method checking if the keypressed is X.  I wanted to do it in a way that if the user was typing into the edit box and the value wasnt an X or 1-9 then the program wouldnt do anything.  Originally I just removed all non numeric characters from the edit box entry but when the user pressed X this letter and any others typed into the edit box was still visible in the edit box which I dont want.

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George TokasCommented:
Use the same as I proposed at OnKeyDown and just delete the last character using:
Edit1->Text = Edit1->Text.SetLength(Edit1->Text.Length()-1) ;
Also before that you have to clear empty spaces (Not that you will have a problem using ToIntDef):
Edit1->Text = Edit1->Text.Trim();

George Tokas.
lisa_mcAuthor Commented:

when I use this on the keydown method it only lets me enter one numeric value at a time and as many non- numeric characters as I want.  I really dont know what is happening plus the user could enter letters at any position in the edit box not necessarily the last position.
lisa_mcAuthor Commented:
Eventually got code working using a MaskEdit Control thanks
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