How to setup home networking (file/printer sharing) through wireless router ?


I am using Sky Broadband and hence their provided wireless router to connect internet. I have two laptops (acer 5633wlmi windows xp pro and lenovo n200 vista ultimate).

I connect using Netgear DG834GT router to internet from both laptops.

I also want to share files n printer through this router as Wireless Home Networking.

Plz tell me how to connect both laptops through router for sharing.
What changes needs to be made.

How to set permissions for sharing n accessing files and access computers.

Windows XP Pro & Windows Vista Ultimate.

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MshineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Make sure both computers are part of the same workgroup. You can find this out by
right clicking My Computer and selecting properties.

2. Make sure Both machines have an identical username & password on them (required for
sharing outside of a domain)

3. Network Discovery and Sharing should be turned on on the VIsta Machine and it's network
profile should be set to Private (not public). On the XP machine go to Network Places > View
Connections > and then right click on Local Area Connection that is active. Select Properties
and make sure File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked. It probably already

As far using shared folders on each machine, I highly recoomend creating a folder
called DATA (eg. C\DATA). On both machines. YOu REALLY do not want to share
the whole C: drive! Create the folder, then right click the fold and make necessary
setting on the sharing tab.

As far as sharing a printer, you need to go to printer properties, and select sharing
and set a simple to remember share name (ex. If you have a Hewlit Packard LaserJet 1600
you may want to name it HP1600, keep is simple!)

There are MANY things that have to be set when setting up even a small network, but if
you follow the above steps, and look at each sharing options properties and settings, you
should be well on your way!!

Let us know how it goes, and I will monitor for further questions.
theredcodeAuthor Commented:
Plz note DHCP is enabled at Router.

This netgear router is limited to Sky United Kingdom. Thanks.

For more information

In addition, if you are using additional or built in firewalls, you may need to initially turn thrm off until all is working., and then turn back on and open any ports that may need to allow data transfers/ sharing.

I hope this helps !
Question... Is this one of those ISP provided Modem/Router all in one jobs???

Our warehouse uses Verizon DSL and that is what they gave us though
not wireless.. It is a DSL Modem that also has four ports in the back and
acts like a router.

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