How to use two wireless routers to connect to each other and to extend wireless range ?


I have two Sky Netgear DG834GT wireless routers. I am using one router for networking and internet/broadband access. The 2nd router is not used anywhere at present.

I want to extend my wireless network range by using 2nd router.

So how to connect both routers wirelessly to access broadband, extend wireless range and file/printer sharing.

Please note that I dont want to use cables/wires to connect both two routers to each other. But I can use cables just to setup some settings.

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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If those models dont support a Bridge mode, then you are going to be out of luck. Linksys Routers can communicate with thier WAP's in Bridge mode, but not with another repeater even. Dont know if Netgear's WAPs are like that.....

You would need a wireless repeater.

It is possible to use your current router as an access point but it would have to be physically wired to your other router because they both need IP comming from the WAN. you cannot use two routers with them not being wired to each other because the router can grab the wan address through the wireless. There must be a physical connection.
The only other thing but it is not an option for thre models you have would be to reburn the firmware and make it a wireless repeater

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theredcodeAuthor Commented:
i think they dont support bridge feature.
Netgear DG834GT does not support wds...
Solution are: haking the firmware (if possible) or change model (if possible)
Good luck
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Adrian BowdenCommented:
WDS support added for DG834GT end of Feb 2008 (firmware v1.02.14).
Latest firmware is currently v1.02.16.

Netgear support inform me that WDS operation is possible using either of my routers and a WPN802:
DG834GTv2  -----> WPN802
DG834N        ------> WPN802

Both with wireless connection rather than LAN.
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