Printing Problems with Excel 2003

I am using Excel 2003 and have around 200 spreadsheet documents that have problems printing.  I have an HP DeskJet 6940 directly connected to my computer with USB.  I can also print to a Kyocera digital copier and a Toshiba digital copier throught the network.  When I print an existing document to my HP, I get a blank page.  When I print to the Toshiba it just says ERROR and does not print.  When I print to the Kyocera, it prints fine.  I do not have any problems printing anything else to any of the printers, other than existing excel documents.  When I create a new excel document, it prints fine to all 3!
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csoussanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I once had a situation similar to the one you're describing.  I changed the print quality from 600 dpi to 300 dpi on one of the spreadsheets and poof! the problem went away - even on the spreadsheets that I left at 600 dpi.  I then changed the 300 dpi back to 600 dpi and it still worked.  See if this trick works on the other documents that are causing you grief and let me know.  You can find the print quality of your spreadsheet by clicking on File --> Page Setup and looking near the bottom of the Page tab.
The accepted answer worked for me!!!!!!
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