Lost Wireless event id 11197

hello all,
When i try to connect to my wireless adapter through my notebook i can only manage limited or no connectivity status. I checked the system eventg logs and found Event ID 11197: The system failed to update and remove host (A) resource records ((RR's) for network adapter with settings: my nic card info - and then, "the reason the update request failed was because of a system problem. for specific error code, see the record data displayed below.

So, as of now, I have flushed the dns, released the dns config info BUT when i try to renew it hangs....hmmm....any heklp is appreciatd,

thanks all,

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ddp095Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks I have actually wipedthe system out and reinstalled the system - it was due for it anyway. Thank you for the response - I will post back if the problem arises again, but so far so good.

The Virtual Server link does not apply.

Thank you again,

Wired Nic works ok?

Does the following apply?

Event ID: 11197 appears in the system event log when you install Virtual Server 2005

Do static settings on teh adapter get you connected, to ping anything?

Might try deleting the WIFI profile, and rejoining the WIFI network.....

Uninstall the adapter, reboot and reinstall with the latest drivers.....

Lets see if any of this helps, and go from there.....
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