Install a New Font through Group Policy

I am trying to add a new font to all computers on our OU through Group Policy, but I'm not sure what section to do this in (if it's possible) and I'm also not sure how to tell Group Policy to put it into the same folder of all PCs without giving the names of each PC.  What's the syntax for this?  And can I specify that I want the file copied over from one computer and give its computer name and full path to pull this file from?

What I think I should be putting for source is: \\computername\windows\fonts\fontname.ttf but I'm not sure how to word the destination file location.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Hello ,

I think you will end up using a script to deploy (and optionally deploying the script via GPO) e.g.


ESCITAuthor Commented:
I didn't think about the fact that I wasn't just "adding" a file to a computer, but that a font must be installed, like a program.  Of course an msi package makes sense, now that you've helped me to think about it in this way.  Thanks for the help.  Unfortunately, really short on time, no spare PCs to use as a clean computer to make the msi, and only a few computers to deploy to, so I guess I'm doing them one at a time instead.  Thanks for your help!
This is a little more specific to the needs of the question:
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