Add a statement to all outbound correspondence

I need to add a statement to all outbound correspondence (legal stuff) and I don't want to go thru every single computer in the company and modify or create a signature in Outlook. Is it possible to do it at the Exchange Server level so that it is added automatically to all outgoing email?.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you, Raul
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It's not the easiest to do it natively, but it can be done. Here is the Msoft KB on it:

But I would look into 3rd party solutions, which are much more flexible.
There are two ways to accomplish this

1) Use a third party utility - GFI mail essentials, MAilMArshal or any message filtering utility will have a disclaimer facility.

If you aren't already running a content filter or AV on your Exchaneg server, then I strongly reccomend you investigate one of the above. GFI MailEssentials, as with all GFI products, represents good value for money.

2) Write your own event sick to do it

The following knowledgebase article explains exactly how to do this.  It is simply some visual basic code that appends text to the end of the body of the message.  The event is fired whenever a message is received for outbound delivery.;%5Bln%5D;317680


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rauladanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your information. I will try the event sink and let you know. Very much appreciated.
rauladanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. Purchased GFI Mail Essentials and it worked like a champ and very easy to implement
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