Delete File on NTFS Partition via Linux Boot CD

Hello -

I have a file on an NTFS (XP) partition that I can't delete.  I want to use my PCLinux OS (2007) live CD to delete it.

When I boot to the CD, I can see the file on the drive but PCLinux mounts the partition as read only.  

How can I mount the partition so I can delete the file?

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whats in the partition? is it a recovery partition? easiest way would be slave the drive in another machine with windows and delete via disk management
ttist25Author Commented:
Hey cbmm.  Thanks for the response!

It's a normal partition.  My son thought it would be a fun game  to make a maze of folders and subfolders with a txt file at the end for whomever was persistent enough to wade their way through it.  He slicked his own PC and backed this folder up on his mother's PC (unknowingly) and she wants it off.  

Windows is  balking at the length of the filename when I try to delete it (tried command line in windows and some other things to no avail).  I think he might have a bat file or something in there that copies folders if they're deleted which complicates matters even further.  

He's at his friends at a sleepover.  I'm making a large list of chores for him when he gets home tomorrow as payback (you have to appreciate his geekness though).

I was just hoping I could issue a command from the Linux Live CD that would let me mount the partition (other than read-only) so I could delete the file.

Do you know if  this is not possible, or are you just not aware of a way to do it?  I know I can do it from my BartPE disk but i'll have to hook an analog monitor to the PC because the video card is too old to boot to PE with the LCD monitor.

Ahhhh the joys of children...
you can use gparted live

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Pétur Ingi EgilssonSoftware Engineer -- ConsultantCommented:
ttist25 mounting a NTFS under linux in "write" mode is VERY dangerous, making changes to it (for an example.. deleting files or directories) might destroy the NTFS filesystem making all data on your drive unaccessible (permanently?)

I found 2 solutions for you:

1. Use this program to delete the directory\files:
2.  First move the folder to your desktop. Go to control panel, users account. Create a new account, any name, whatever u like. Move any undeletable file/folders inside the new account. Delete the account. This works on any undeletable file/s, cannot delete byDOS, ant utlities, etc. Try it

Found them both at:
ttist25Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  I ended up booting to safemode with command prompt and, for whatever reason, it let me delete the parent folder.

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