Inaccessible Boot Device Stop 0x00000007B After plugging in a SCSI Tape Drive and removing it

I am having a problem with 1 SCSI Drive
I have Windows 2000 Server 2 SCSI Drives with Software Mirroring (Windows Disk Management)
I have no backups of this drive (working on it)  So I installed a Tape Drive, but the tape drive must have been he same ID as one of the SCSI Hard Drives because during reboot it only detected 1 SCSI hard drive, no scsi tape drive or the other scsi hard drive
After windows booted I then shudown and unplugged the SCSI tape Drive. Reboot now I get Inaccessible Boot Device Stop 0x00000007B during th windows boot up.  I shutdown, unplugged the drive that was conflicting with the tape drive (even though it was no longer in the system) and booted and all is ok but only with the 1 SCSI Drive. How can I get the 2nd Drive in the system? Everytime i plug it in I get the Inaccessible Boot Device Stop 0x00000007B BSOD error.
With the 1 ok Drive Windows boots fine.
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David Scott, MCSEConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
are the disks basic or dynamic?  

don't delete the mirror, you will lose all the data on it.  

yeah i think you should have broken the mirror prior to removing the drive but you couldn't do that b/c of the whole no boot issue.

so yeah, at this point i would break the mirror, reboot, make sure you can boot ok, then shut down and put in the 2nd drive, boot and recreate the mirror.  
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
i would take a peak at the boot sequence in the bios.  bump the 1st scsi drive up to the first in order.

also take a look at the jumpers on the scsi drive you are adding.  is it set to cable select?  

also look at the irq settings in the bios.  possible the same irq is getting assigned to scsi 2 or the tape drive.
drewmorrisAuthor Commented:
I will look at the bios but the Tape Drive is not in the system any more and it still won't boot with the SCSI 2 drive installed. The only drives installed are the 2 SCSI drives.
Could I break? or remove? the mirror in Windows 2000 Server Disk Management?  Doesnt one of the those remove the data?  Then re attach the drive and boot then re create the mirror?
drewmorrisAuthor Commented:
the disks are dynamic.
I am out of town will try next week thanks
drewmorrisAuthor Commented:
I ended up "breaking" the mirror (remove was not available) and reverting it to a basic disk and losing all the data then reverting it back to dynamic and recreating the mirror. Thanks!
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