Researching format of files split onto multiple floppy disks - not MSBackup

My Dad gave me some old files to try to read.  After getting confused for a while, I realized that they are split into directories of no more than 1.22MB per directory and the biggest file is split into sections over multiple directories:
The files in each folder are intact (not encrypted or smashed together) until you hit the file that doesn't fit on a floppy, then that file is split into parts with the .0,.1,.2,.3 names.  The first few bytes of the first file are:
 10001.AAT 00001

--strangely, the 1.22MB limit seems to be accomplished by creating two 625KB files.  No single file is bigger than that.  (of course that fits on the old 700K floppies)

I have been reading some other posts and they indicate that DOS BACKUP or MSBACKUP would have smashed the files and named them  MYDISK.001, MYDISK.002, etc.

The folders may have been created by some backup program that put them on floppies and then someone re-loaded them onto a HDD and then burned me a CD, so I don't know if this was a floppy backup program or just a split-to-the-right-size-for-1.4MB-floppies program.

Would anyone have a clue what program split the big file?  PKzip?  something else?
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Have you tried just joing them back together again with a copy command, it is quite possible they were simply split:

It does sounds like the behaviour of the old BACKUP command or similar, though frankly it is too long ago I always kept copies with pkzip to split files across floppy discs etc. rather than backup.

copy /b *.00? finalfile.txt

tkrauskopfAuthor Commented:

Not *that* easy.  This was obviously split apart by something that retains information about the file.  For one thing, the filename must be embedded in there somewhere.  Note again, the names are NOT X.001, X.002.  They are:

And the first few bytes of each split file are:
20001.MBW 01011             -- this was in the beginning of the third file

Anyone recognize that particular way of marking the files?
Jeff BrownGlobal Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
depending on what the files were actually  this looks to be split by a spanish program called hacha.  my limited spanish tho  makes it very hard for me to be sure of that   it does note that winrar and winace should also be able to read and recombine the files.  information on hacha  can be found here
tkrauskopfAuthor Commented:
I still have split files and EE wants me to close this thread.  Please email me if you come up with any more information.  I may attempt to concatenate them by hand.

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