Outlook E-Mails Unfiling Themselves

One of my clients is having a problem where Outllok is periodically unfiling some of his mesages.  He said that one day he went to Outllok and 250 messages had unfiled them selves.  I figured it was a one time fluke and then it happened again with a couple of mesages.  Here is our network setup.

Outllok 2003
McAfee Managed Scan

WIndows 2003 SBS w/ Exchange
GFI MailEssentials
Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1

Any help would be much appreciated.
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csoussanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have also PDA causing many issues for Outlook users so BlueDevilFan may very well be correct.  However, when you choose to manually run a rule (Tools --> Rules and Alerts --> Run Rules Now) you are given the option of selecting the folder - and subfolders - in which to run the rule.  A rule can be run against an entire mailbox if the user manually runs the rule, selects the Mailbox folder (Click the Browse button next to Run in Folder: and select the first option) and selects Include Subfolders.  This is what my user did and it caused a bunch of emails that had already been "filed" by sender to move to a new location because the rule that was being manually run was a different rule than the one that originally filed the emails.
David LeeCommented:
Hi, Jon.

Sorry, I'm not clear on what "unfiling" means.  Can you explain, please?
jmkotmanAuthor Commented:
They were moved from the inbox and then all of a sudden showed up in the inbox again and not in the folders they had been moved to.
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I had a user with a similar situation and I found that she had a rule that moved items by sender to the desired folders and than she had another rule that grabbed messages by subject that moved them again.  You might want to check the order in which rules are applied to your user's messages.  If the user has a rule that moves items to the "In Box" - either by subject or sender or distribution list - and the rule was run after the messages were filed, it would move the items back to the "In Box".  Keep in mind that your user may have manually run a specific rule manually after his/her rules were run automatically - which would account for the fact that is doesn't happen all the time.  Hope that helps.
David LeeCommented:
I don't think this is the result of a rule, but I could be wrong about that.  Rules only work when messages are sent or received and they only work on messages in the inbox.  Also, if this was caused by a rule, then it should happen on every message that meets the rule's conditions.  Since it seems to be sporadic my guess is that it's something else.  It could be a macro, an add-in, or the Blackberry.  I've seen a fair number of questions here on EE where items mysteriously disappeared or moved that was caused by a PDA/smartphone (e.g. Blackberry or similar device).
Hi jmkotman,

Any updates to your issue?
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