windows 2003 domain I want to limit users logon to 1 seesion at a time through Scriptlogic

I have a Windows 2003 domain I want to limit users logon to 1 seesion at a time through Scriptlogic fuctionality.
Somebody did that before through Scriptlogic? Any procedure? issues?

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There is a utility available from Microsoft called LimitLogin.exe that is used to limit one user session at a time.  

As far as any code, you might want to look at using the WMI Win32_Sessions class.  But your best bet is probably the LimitLogin.exe to limit concurrent logins.
llaravaAuthor Commented:

I knew about that tool, but since we are working with Scriptlogic I wanted to know If somebody have any experience with Scriptlogic doing that.

Again, take a look at using the Win32_Sessions WMI class as that handles the user sessions.
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llaravaAuthor Commented:

I would like to work with your suggestion on Win32_Sessions WMI class. How do you recommend me to start?

I still think that using LimitLogon.exe is the better option though.
I don't understand how any single user can login to MORE than one session at a time -- are you talking about a roaming user going from one computer to the other?  If so, set the system to terminate the old login if a new one comes in, it is really quite simple in user manager for domains, on 2003 User manager profiles.
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
scrathcyboy, it's not only problem for remote users, you can face this problem if you are running computer labs for studnets with large No. of desktops, so users can leave one computer on and go to another one and login or they can share their login... etc. which will cause a lot of problems for administration.
I am not recomminding limit login in large enviroment with large No. of users and computers. there is a thired party application called User Lock. this is greate for login administration.

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"which will cause a lot of problems for administration."

That was exactly my point, I am familiar with classroom problems, but the activity needs to be reigned in, not provide software to try to limit a rampant series of irresponsible computer users -- aka kids.  Agree?
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