Unable to receive mail sent through outlook or third party clients

I just setup my Small Business server and got Exchange up and running.  I can send email out from my domain, but I am not getting any emails in.  I notice that that the mailbox store shows messages, but the outlook client showing nothing.

I can telnet to my exchange server from a remote machine and can send a test a message that way with 100% success.

Any other ports need to be opened besides 25?

I am stumped
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if there are messages in the mailbox outlook should see them.

Make sure yoru outlook is setup with the correct mailbox.

I would try deleting the OST file and let outlook re-create it, it will (should) pull the messages down again when doing this.
bkalickiAuthor Commented:
That did not make any difference.  

I have remote web workplace active, and that doesn't show any emails.  I can email out just fine, but when I send a email to my domain, it goes no where.  I have message tracking turned on, but it doesnt even show up there.  

I don't get any NDRs
are you sure your domain MX records are setup correctly.

You need to setup your DNS records so that your server is the MX record.  You will need to have a static IP address and the PTR record resolving to your email server, or a dynamic DNS service that can handle that for you, or a SMTP smart host.

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bkalickiAuthor Commented:
The issue is not with sending mail.  I am using my ISPs SMTP server as a smart host and that is working just fine.   Both my MX 0 and MX10 entries point to my IP and my firewall has port 25 opened up for the server on my LAN  

Right now, I don't have a static address, but that is not a big deal since my IP rarely changes and if it does, I have access to change the MX records accordingly.

The only reason I would need a PTR record was for sending email, but since I am going through my ISPs, SMTP server which has a PTR record, that is not the problem
bkalickiAuthor Commented:
I went back and checked my MX records again, and noticed that I did not input information correctly.  Silly small mistake but glad I had someone like you point it out. Thanks
bkalickiAuthor Commented:
Ok, I am an idiot.  I went back and checked my MX records and noticed that I did not input some information correctly.   After making the corrections, I can receive email through outlook like a normal setup.   Thanks tomcahill for pointing out even the smallest of things that can cause issues.
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