Software to control a host machine with multiple monitors?

Before you all shout "Ultramon!", or any other VNC variant, I've already tried them.

Yes, they will display both displays in a window - but what I'm looking for is an app (commercial/shareware/freeware, doesn't matter) that will allow you to display two separate screens remotely - mimicking the setup you would see if you were sitting at the host PC with multiple displays. Aside from speed, I'd basically like to have a remote desktop solution whereby aside from response time, you wouldn't even know you were using the PC remotely - one monitor on the remote PC displays monitor 1 on the host, and another displays monitor 2.

I don't require separate sessions, meaning that I don't need for the screens to be accessed simultaneously, I just want separate windows for each display and not simply a large window that is showing both at once. I've tried virtually every VNC variant out there with little luck, but I'm not familiar with the commercial side of things.  Ideally it would be like the VNC connection, instead you would just choose which monitor you want that connection to control.

Any ideas, or am I out of luck?
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Use any app, VNC, mstsc (microsoft remote desktop), Dameware, but instead of maximizing on one monitor, resize and stretch across both screens. Also, with most apps you can set the resolution scaling so it scales to fit on your client screen.
Nitz_WalshAuthor Commented:
I understand that's a possibility, but in this case both the displays on the remote PC are on top of one another (it's a quad-screen setup), and I can already do that with the apps.  If that was acceptable, then I wouldn't have needed to ask the question - I am aware one can re size and stretch a window. :)

I've been told the latest RDP client can actually do this, the problem is the host is XP and RDP will lock out its displays, which I don't want.
Why is that unacceptable, what is you ultimate goal? With solution above you would be abe to emulate your quad screen setup provided you had 4 screens on the client. There is no app that will 'vnc' into a monitor specifically, that i am aware of, because windows presents the entire desktop as one big space to a remote app, that is to say it does not share local monitor info (resolution, size, etc...) or separate the display space based on local monitor settings. You are not remoting a video display but the os itself. I aplogize if i sounded condenscending, i did not mean you were not aware of how to resize a window, i just know that works because i use it to VNC my dual screen from another dual screen. If you do find a solution please post. Thanks
Here is a sloution I read when looking into this.
I found it helpful.

I am OK with using a full window that spans all available displays by running
mstsc /span

It sounds like you want the split on each monitor and the other solution mentions splitview to get enhanced functionality.

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Nitz_WalshAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much, apologies for the late acknowledgment, got more than a little sidetracked this week. :)
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