need expert help install OS10.4 on 9500 using xpostfacto
512 mem,sonnet g3 500,os9.1
working with 4cd set of 10.4
gets all way through 1st install cd
install program shuts down to reboot.
comes back up to blue screen and hangs.
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Did you configure the backside cache as described here:

You might also try posting your question in XPostFacto's tech support forum here:

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RobertMClarkAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information.
I am using xpostfacto ver 4
the documentation says the cache software is incoperated
in this version and a check box is provided to turn on/off

I would like to post to that forum
I have read it all.
It costs $25, that is ok but it appears nobody monitors it
at this point.

RobertMClarkAuthor Commented:
Strung  thanks for all your help
you gave me some good ideas and places to study.
I am going to give you the points.
The 9500 has 12 ram slots
placement of the memory in these slots seems to be critical
starting the chips in position a6-b6 seem to give most stable result.
I am now able get to the blue screen and chose the language for the install.
the install proceeds normally it does all of the"Installing basic system part1"
and"Installs esentials" and writes 100% of the files.
It then blows up with"There were errors installing the software-please try installing again"
when we try again it goes around the same circle.
Any Ideas??
RobertMClarkAuthor Commented:
the final memory placement that made everything work
128m in slot a6 and 128m in slot b6
OS 10.4 installs ok
Thanks again
RobertMClarkAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help
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