How do I get my sites to 'see' each other in Google's Social Graph?

Google has a page to test your sites' connectivity with respect to its Social Graph API.

Tim O'Reilly's sites see each other, the 2/3 is what I'm using as a benchmark for 'see'

I have updated three profiles and one webpage: Livejournal's Bio, About Me in Blogger and MySpace, and my personal webpage.

I can't get more than 1/2, 1/3, 1/4:

I believe I am following Google's recommended XFN formatting of <a href="site" rel="me">Site</a>. MySpace reformats the links into msplinksCODE, but the links on the other sites show up as entered.

If you click through to see my pages, you will see my novice coding efforts, and hopefully find a quick correction. I would like to know why they don't 'see' each other, and be guided on how to fix my code.

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like everything with google, you MUST give it TIME to tractor and index your site correctly.  I know you don't want to hear this, but that can take 6-12 weeks, some of my sites did not index correctly until after 1 YEAR!

But if the page rank is high, like EBay or similar massive sites, those are reindexed daily.  Like it or not, you are probably at the bottom of a 5 mile high barrel, and it could take months for google to index it correctly.

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brettwalkerAuthor Commented:
Your estimates were pessimistic. In one week I now see 4/4. Patience is sometimes a tough pill to swallow, but the philosophy behind your explanation was spot on. Nice work.
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