I created a dataset from an access db and developed app. Database structure changed- how can i update my dataset w/o starting from scratch?

I developed an application around a simple Access database.  Then, one of the database table names changed.  

How do I go about updating the dataset classes and table adapters i'm using through out my code?

Could someone point me in the right direction for how you're supposed to go about updating the "dataSet" classes that were automatically generated for me using the Visual Studio Data Source.

I attempted to change all the strings i could find of the `OldTableName` with the `NewTableName` in the dataset.designer.cs files (which is technically a no no since it's an auto generated file) but i still get Ole exceptions stating the old table name cannot be found.

The tableAdapter's aren't updated when a table name is changed... is what i've gathered.  Is there any type of refactoring support?  

Perhaps there is a way of making some type of alias table name in MS Access?
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did you do a search of the entire solution with the oldtablename?
blak3rAuthor Commented:

The files i was updating were automatically generated files.  
So, i think they may be regenerated when i rebuild.
blak3rAuthor Commented:
I never found an ideal solution.  What i ended up doing is manually keeping them in sync.

I found that if you right click on the dataset designer and Add a new TableAdapter you can right a SQL query that will connect to your database and create a complete Dataset+TableAdapter for your new column (it recognizes relations and everything).

For example if you added a new Table called Products

Add new TableAdapter, Specifying the Connection string to your database, Select Multiple rows, then add the following SQL:

FROM Products

The rest is self explanatory.

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