Is there a virtual platform available to run legacy programs?

I have some old applications that ran in DOS and windows 3.1 that I am not able to get to function in Windows XP.  Has there been some application created that will produce a virtual environment where such applications can be run?  If so, where can I obtain it?
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x86fixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Free VMWARE SERVER - Download

Register to get a free serial number

Free Download of MS Virtual PC 2007
Either should work well for most applications.
Have you tried VMWare? That would be my best advice.
It is called simply "windows 98 SE".. That will run all DOS and win 3.11 apps that you want, because the OS runs in REAL MODE, not 32 bit protected mode, like XP, 2000, 2003 and vista.  REAL MODE means your applications have access to the hardware that they were written for.  If you do not have an old installation of 98SE, I would be surprised.  You can still buy it on EBay -- or even from me.

THe point is, you can very easily run a DUAL BOOT on your system of XP as the main boot parition, and windows 98SE as another boot choice.  I do it all the time where I want a GUARANTEED way to backup the XP system files in the event of a catastrophic failure of XP.  It is not too hard, but there are some steps you have to go through to do this, too many to list here.

If you are interested, click on my name, see the email address and email me about the details.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Microsoft Virtual PC, 2007. Free, relativly simple, and will. let you run a DOS/3.11 environment with ease
x86fixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You install the Server or Virtula PC program and then install DOS and Windows 3.11.  It starts up the Virtual Machine just like a physical one.  Seems complex but it is really quite logical when you get started.
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