Insert OLE Object PICTURE in MS Access Dbase

Hello, My issue is I have created a VB Script for MS Access 2007 that inserts values automatically in a MS Access table. The issue is one of the fields are a OLE Object "Picture" How do I insert that object everytime the loop goes through it's process of inserting records in each of the other fields?

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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

Just remember that "storing" images in your DB will caues it to bloat enormously.

BLOBS do a fairly good job of keeping the size down, but as long as you need the picture "displayed" on the form with every record, the DB will bloat.
Even for linked images, Access stores a BMP file internally (Even if it's a jpg, because BMP is the MS format Access uses for displaying images).

Another option is to use a utility recommended by another expert here, DatabaseMX,
You can DL the trial, and it may even have a utility to do the "Insert" you are asking for.

Hope this helps as well

Check out the link below:

This is assuming the pictures are located as files on your hard disk.
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