Wireless connection works via Workgroup but not Domain

We have a Windows 2003 domain configured at my workplace, there are also several Wireless "networks"

1. Main Conference room
2. Banquet/Performance Hall
3. RV Park

The problem seems to be in the domain security settings, if an XP SP2 computer is joined to the DOMAIN it should be able to connect to any of the wireless networks, even though it states that it is connected it can not browse the web , or ping the outside world. (no packets moving or barely a trickle)

If I remove an XP SP2 computer from the DOMAIN and create a WORKGROUP, all works perfectly on the wireless network connections.  Then the ability to use the DOMAIN shares is unavailable however.

I have also discovered that even when using a Wireless Modem ( AT&T Sierra Air Card 860) when joined to the DOMAIN with the hard wire connection unplugged it will not browse or PING. When the same XP SP2 laptop is removed from the DOMAIN and a WORKGROUP is created  the Aircard and wireless connections work perfectly.

Any suggestions on how to adjust the security settings to allow both a hard wired and Wireless connection to work on the DOMAIN?


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Start off by comparing the settings in Start -> Run -> ipconfig /all  when you're hard wired vs. wireless. They might simply be in 2 different subnets or simply using different DNS entries.
Also when on the workgroup vs. domain issue a tracert command to the domain controller in both scenarios and see how far the ping packet can get to. This might help isolate where your network connection gets blocked (if that happens to be the case).
You arent talking about authenticating to the WIFI before login, are you, to be able to use a live profile?

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seshinnAuthor Commented:
>You arent talking about authenticating to the WIFI before login, are you, to be able to use a live profile

No, I am not.. when hard wired to the DOMAIN the live profile can be used, when offsite or unplugged cached domain credentials allow a local login.

I am thinking it has to be a domain security setting somewhere, as two of the WIFI networks do have public access and are setup as open hotspots, and one is setup with a WEP.

We have many vendors come on site to use our conference room for training, and software demos..  Thier laptops are  part of thier companies domains and they can hit our  WIFI hotspots and they are off and running with no problems. We have many events and presentations in the banquet hall by groups that are not joined to our DOMAIN, all works perfectly for them as wlll.. We Also have about 20-30 users in the RV Park that use the WIFI hotspots on a daily basis with no major issues.

It is not  just the wireless WIFI points that are the issue...

The real puzzler on this one is the AT&T Sierra Wireless 860 PCMCIA Air Card.  That "Air Modem" if you will has the exact same issue as the wireless routers, once that laptop has been removed from the domain and a simple workgroup is made.. it can make an open air connection to the AT&T network and all works perfectly. it can also then connect to our WIFI hotspots.

I should calrify that when I say removed from the domain, I do not mean unplugging the hard wire connection.  If the hard wire is plugged in when this laptop, or any oher laptop is in the office it makes a good connection. ( I've tested four laptops with all the same results)..

When either offsite or onsite and using the cached domain credentials, or even when logging in to the "local" machine account.. no connection

It also does not matter what persmission level a USER has on the domain or the Local machine account, Domain Admim, Administrator, Domian user, etc... same result..

seshinnAuthor Commented:
When you mentioned using a live profile that got me thinking..

What supecededs a local setting on a DOMAIN? where is this profile getting its rights..

Group Policy was the answer...... Someone had set a local internal IP as a deafult IP for our DNS (  on the DOMAIN deafult GPO.. (wait till I get my hands on that idiot)

No matter how a user was connected to any of the networks, VIA LAN, WIFI or AIR Modem.  GP cached and embedded the above DNS..

Thanks for inspiring me to examine the local or domain profile itself..

Glad you got it....
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