running an exchange server with a dyndns instead of a static ip

i have a 2003 sbs running.  I do not have a static ip.  i am running exchange.

i have a domain name and i have been using that email through a pop account.

i now want to switch it to my exchange account.

godaddy hosts my domain name.

who do i need to contact so i don't get caught as spam by other people's email.

i would think i need to contact godaddy and my ISP...anyone else?

will my ISP still give me a reverse lookup.

anything else i should consider?

i will get a static ip if i have too, but in order to do so my data bill will go up 50 per month, and i don't need any more bandwidth.  

can a dns account really work as well as a static ip if you put forth the effort?
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tgtranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you need is to configure GoDaddy with the DNS servers of the DDNS provider you selected.  Then you need to create A & MX records with the DDNS provider.  I don't think ISP would block incoming mail; however, you need to check RR to see if you can use its email server to send outgoing.  Using RR mailserver as smart host eliminate the need for you to have rDNS since RR's server already has rDNS..

If you don't like smart host, you can test by trying to connect to Google email server:
telnet 25
First thing you need to do is to sign up with DDNS provider.  The most popular is ZoneEdit and here is a list of other providers:

Second, you need to have a program that run on your server that will detect IP changes and update for you.  ZoneEdit, DNSexit, and other have their own program that you can use.  Otherwise, you need 3rd party software like DirectUpdate.

Third is for you to move your DNS hosting from GoDaddy to the DDNS provider.  

Fourth, create appropriate A records and MX records.  Also, you may need to look into SPF records to help offset rDNS requirement (Since you are on DDNS, your ISP will not provide rDNS)

Fifth, contact your ISP to make sure that port 25 is not block and check its mail forwarding policy - namely, you will use Smart Host on Exchange to route all outgoing to ISP's server for delivery.

*** I am using DDNS and have setup for several customers - no problems thus far
americanmobileAuthor Commented:
i have a account so that's not a problem.
i can get a autoip update program no problem.
how do i move my dns hosting from godaddy to dyndns?
i can create A and MX records on godaddy's site for my domain name
road runner is my isp...will they have a problem no blocking it?

americanmobileAuthor Commented:
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