Unable to boot back to Windows Vista after installing Windows 2003, No Vista DVD available nor Vista Recovery Disc (ISO File, that is downloaded) is of any asisstance.


I have recently bought new Compaq Presario Laptop with preinstalled Windows Vista Home Basic.
Now i have taken the backup of orginal factory settings. After that i have shrunk the partition to
D:\WINDOWS 2003 (70 GB)

As mentioned, i have successfully installed Windows 2003 with SAP R/3 onto it. Everything is fine or OK on 2003 (except for drivers, as they are compatible with only Vista, so no Sound, LAN, WLAN, etc) Any way thats a different problem to fix.

Right now as you might have known Windows Vista does not boot, it directly boots into Windows 2003.
So to enable dual boot i have tried many things:(remember i dont have basic hardware enabled on booting 2003)
1.Tried using WinVista Boot Pro, it work only with .NET Framework, during installation it try to connect to internet but there is not internet as LAN or WLAN are not initialized or detected. - So tried downloading .NET Framework from Microsoft directly on other PC transferred the file to New Laptop, but .NET does not load. Giving message something like cannot load either due to low physical memory or bad/corrupt cabinet file. Tried to download the file again but still the same and i have 2 GB RAM.
2.Tried to download Vista_Recovery_Disc_x86.iso file to prepare boot disk to have the option to repair vista to correct vista boot file as this is overwritten by Windows2003 MBR. But no success, burned the filed to cd with Nero not booting with cd. Extracted the file with Magic ISO and then copied to CD with same Nero, still not booting with CD but loading into Windows 2003.

So looking at the no go situation what do you suggest.
Iam thinking of borowing Vista Premium DVD from a friend to check if i can boot to exisitng Vista Home and then enable Windows 2003 using Easy BCD 1.7.1 from Vista.(Hopefully, still not tried would take atleast 2-3 days to get that DVD and might not work also)

Is there any other better way i can enable both the OS without effecting either of the data.
In short, current scenario:
Preinstalled Windows VISTA Home Basic
Installed Windows 2003 on a seperate parition with SAP R/3 (Now booting into this but no drivers hence no hardware or internet)
Have Vista Recovery DVD's, which can do restore to orginal factory settings (erasing windows 2003)
Please suggest a solution at the earliest, have noticed many people have faced with similar scenarios with XP installed but no concrete fix is found.

Also what can you suggest to enable Hardware/install drivers on Windows 2003.

Thanks & Regards,
M.Sharath Kumar.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The 2003 Install has overwitten to Vista Boot loader. You need top optian a Vista CD and run a repair install.

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sharathkumarmAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response but i dont have the Vista CD/DVD
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You will need to get one - beg or borrow one.
I'm afraid KCTS is right; you need that Vista DVD.  Here is an article about dual booting with XP and Vista with Vista installed first;  the case with Win2003 and Vista should be conceptually the same:

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide

Especially note the section of the article "Restoring Vista and dual booting".
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