HP 4200dtn & 4250dtn PCL XL error

Hi, on our network we have 10 printers, half are the HP4200dtn model, and the other half the HP4250dtn model.

On larger prints (5 pages +) it seems to stop printing after so many pages and print out the following error message, then followed by pages with a single line of strange characters on each page:

PCL XL error
Subsystem:  USERSTREAM
Error:    MissingData
Operator:    NewPath
Position:    97553

Its difficult to recreate the problem, it seems to happen randomly.

This problem has started happening since we had some new servers put in a month ago. We are running the same server software (Windows Server 2003) as we had on the old servers. We are also using the same printer drivers for the printers, and every setting on the printers on the new server is exactly the same as the old one.

What does the error message mean? And is there something which could be causing this error?

Some of the things I have tried with no success are:

- Different printer driver on the server
- Deleting all mapped printers on the PCs, removing the printer driver, then adding the printer back to the users PC

Many thanks for any advice
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Try this: under printer Properties click on the Advanced tab, and then on the radio button that says "Start printing after last page is spooled". Also try to untick "Enable advanced printing features"

If that does not help, install a PCL5 driver instead of the PCL6 driver you are using. PCL XL errors are unique to PCL6, and in most cases there is no obvious reason why they happen.

With any driver, using "Start printing after last page is spooled" is recommended, especially with large print jobs.
dd501Author Commented:
thanks for your reply.

I tried these things and it still printed the error using the PCL6 driver. Also the PCL5 driver appears to miss pages off at the end of prints instead of printing the error out. As does the PS driver.

many thanks for any advice!
Does this happen from all applications/all files, or only from 1 application or file?
dd501Author Commented:
The problem was to do with windows server 2003 service pack 2. (We had service pack 1 installed on the old servers.) We've installed the printers on a server with service pack 1 and this has fixed the problem completely.

It appears whenever we clicked print, or went onto the printing preferences, it would add the drivers and other files (around 20 or so) to the users PC (found after looking in event viewer). This seemed to cause the problem. Aswell as the error when printing, it would take a long time when going onto the printing preferences, presumably because it was adding all these files to the PC each time the user clicked on the preferences of the printer

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