How to build an order form in MS Front Page?

Dear All,
This could be a straight forward question....
I am fairly new to MS Front Page 2003. I am trying to build an order form where the user (over the web of course) can made an order, enter credit card details for example and click on "send" button.
Building the form is fairly easy however the confusing part is the "send" part, as when the user click on "send". How can I set my application to either send this information to me by email?
Please make your answer as clear as possible and please don't answer the question by sending me a link to another site.

Thanks all
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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Not very hard at all actually:

   1. Create a new page for your site named CONTACT.HTM. You can do this by going to FILE and selecting NEW or you can copy and paste an existing page into your web site.
   2. In the main text area, enter something along the lines of "You can use this form to provide us feedback about our website or contact us with any questions you may have." Hit RETURN or ENTER twice.

Now comes the actual form creation. Keep in mind you can do this all with the INSERT, FORM options, but seeing as Microsoft was nice enough to create a FORM PAGE WIZARD, we are going to put that to use.

   3. Go to FILE and select NEW and PAGE. This step will vary depending on your version of FrontPage, but you want to create a new page from a PAGE TEMPLATE.
   4. When the box pops up to select a page, select FORM PAGE WIZARD.
   5. Click NEXT until you get to ADD.
   6. Click ADD and select the CONTACT INFORMATION option.
   7. Leave all the selections at the defaults and select NEXT.
   8. Click ADD again and scroll down to PARAGRAPH.
   9. Click in the box for the label to identify this and change the text from "What do you think of...?" to "Your comments:" and click NEXT.
  10. FrontPage will ask you to input a label for this field. Call it "comments."
  11. Click NEXT and FINISH.

You now have a FORM PAGE. Highlight the form area (left click, hold and drag in FrontPage 2000 and 2002 or click on the "form" tag at the top of the page in FrontPage 2003) and change the text font and size to match your site. Now switch to code (or HTML) view. Find the line that reads:


 and highlight the code down to the end of the line that reads:


With the HTML highlighted go to EDIT and COPY. Now switch back to your CONTACT.HTM page and put the cursor where you want the form to show up. Switch to CODE or HTML view and go to EDIT and PASTE. Switch back to DESIGN or NORMAL view and there is your form on your web page. Now let's tweak it!

First, right click anywhere inside the form and select FORM PROPERTIES. The form results should be saved to "fpweb:///_private/formrslt.htm". Right below it you can enter the email address you want the results emailed to. Enter your email address.

Now select OPTIONS. From here you can set options like the subject of the email you will receive, specify the landing page for a visitor after they submit the form (I would recommend building a contactconfirm.htm page and specifying it here or send them to the home page of your site). Keep in mind your confirmation page must be a .HTM page for this simple form to work. The last tab allows you to specify date and time formats for the submission email. Set your options and exit the option window.

You now have a CONTACT US form for publication to your site. Close the new page that was created with the FORM WIZARD without saving and upload your changes.

For your form to work you MUST have FrontPage server extensions installed on your site.

(to give credit where credit is due for this tutorial:

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>>enter credit card details for example and click on "send" button.
This is not secure at all.  Doing this, you run this risk of your customer credit card numbers being compromised.  Your merchant account provider and card associations (Visa / MasterCard) can also charge you for violating their rules and regulations

>>Please make your answer as clear as possible and please don't answer the question by sending me a link to another site.
Why not?  If there is an answer on another site, wouldn't it be better to direct you there rather than copy and paste that content?

khaledcAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify a small remark from Corey, the credit card was given as an example.
Best regards,
khaledcAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million!
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