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How do i determine what items from a collection of checkboxs/dropdowns/radios have been selected?

I have a html form thats getting posted, and this form will contain a list of items displayed as <inputs> but under different types and in differnt qtys each time, e.g. sometime i may get 1 other times  i may get 10.

What the easist way for me to easy identify whats been selected if this is  getting posted to a .net form?
<input name="listname" type="checkbox" id="listname" value="120" />

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Why don't you receive directly the input values in your .net application ?
Inputs are designed for that ..!
In that cas that's a .net question, not html :)

Let me know if I misunderstood.

paulCardiffAuthor Commented:
Its both i guess i.e. HTML on one side and .net on the other.

The Form doing the posting must be pure html i.e. no .net, but i agree its 50% of one and 50 % of another thus the reason i added this question in both categorys
Ok so if you already did your form with html, you'll need a .NET expert to give you the answer - not me unfortunately :)
Good luck.
If you've got a bunch of checkboxes you want to process, you'll need to give them all individual id's.  I'd imagine you have some kind of server-side code generating them?

You can then access them on postback using

for (int i=0; i<12; i++)
            string id = "listItem" + i.ToString();
            string result = Request.Form[id];
            // Do something with result

If memory serves, result will come up as "on"/"off" or something like that.

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