Showing several windows form.


I have a mdiform and several windows form.

1. Form called Bar Menu.
2. Form called Bar Order.
3. Form called KeyPad.

At Bar Menu, when I press "Bar Order" button then it show the Bar Order Form side by side.
After that when I click item at Bar Menu then It shows Key Pad Form, after the user click number than the form is closed leaving Bar Menu and Bar Order Forms.

How could I do that so they still show when needed?

Thank you.

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I think you are not making those 3 forms as MDIChild forms. Multiple child forms can be shown side by side.

Code in code snippet will show Menu and Order forms side by side.
Also, when you will click on Order Form, the Menu form will remain visible.

* To create BarMenu form, 
  Dim barMnu as frmBarMenu = new frmBarMenu
  barMnu.MDIParent = Me 'Here, Me represents MDI Parent form's object. 
  barMnu.SetBounds(0, 0, 250, 250)
* On BarMenu, in BarOrder button's click event,
  Dim barOrd as frmBarOrder = new frmBarOrder
  barOrd.MDIParent = Me.MDIParent
  barOrd.SetBounds(Me.Width, 0, 250,250)

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Göran AnderssonCommented:
I don't understand the question. Are you describing how it works now, or what you would like to build?

In any case, what is the problem?
emi_sastraAuthor Commented:

Yes, I described how it should works.
The problem are :

1. The Bar Order Form does not show side by side with the Bar Menu Form.
2. After the  Bar Order Form show and I click the Bar Menu Form, then the Bar Order Form is disappeared, that I don't wan to.

Thank you.

emi_sastraAuthor Commented:

I forgot to set form.MDIParent =me.MDIParent.
Usually I just do it on mdiform menu Click.

Thank you very much.
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