AP div or LIQUID for layout - decision criteria ?

I have a real preference for using AP divs vrs LIQUID div for laying out at page.  I cant see why one would ever use LIQUID divs for laying out a page when you can use AP divs. BUT, I am a novice at this.

I am just starting a new website and would like to understand this better.

Appreciate any pointer or guidance on taking this layout decsion.


many thanks
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I find a mixture of absolutely and relatively positioned divs work well, a combination can produce really good results. The link below was one of my first projects using a combination of divs (I think it was!), take a look and see if it helps at all.

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

I never use anything absolutely positioned.  All of my sites are liquid or elastic to account for the multiple screen resolutions.  AP really falls apart if you test from 800x600 all the way up to widescreen resolutions.
jameskaneAuthor Commented:
thanks jason1178, but dont you loose the benefits of working with AP as layers (ie timeline stuff and manipulation of layers) ??  That takes AP as I understand it ??
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
It's a trade-off.  You can have stuff fly around the screen or you can have sites that work on every resolution.  I'll trade complexity for compatibility every time, but that's me and that's also what's best for my clients.

The timeline stuff, yes.  You can't really do that with relative divs, but if you are flying things around the screen or fading stuff in and out, that can also be achieved with AJAX or Flash.

Not sure what you refer to as the manipulation of layers.
jameskaneAuthor Commented:
Many thanks jason1178 for reply. On the manipulation of layers, I ment eg, mouseover on a link within a layer and cause a new layer to appear for example - or mouse over an image in a layer and get another image to pop  up in another layer.

I have not seen any paper / discussion on this anywhere.

I am tempted to go the liquid route as I need these pages to expand into a large monitor/browser space. In fact the customer wants to access the site from his 16:9 LCD - thats probably a little ahead of the technology for anything more than a simple page.

must look at ajax, but flash is probably a bit of an overkill for replacement to layers manipulatio

thanks again for taking the time to reply to this
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> mouseover on a link within a layer and cause a new layer to appear for example - or mouse over an image in a
>> layer and get another image to pop  up in another layer

You can do that sort of stuff within relative positioning by having the popup div take positions from the container div...

>> I have not seen any paper / discussion on this anywhere.

It's out there.  Google for CSS relative vs. absolute positioning and you'll see both sides of the argument.

>> thats probably a little ahead of the technology for anything more than a simple page.

Which technology?  Almost all modern laptops have a widescreen aspect ratio and using percents or ems for the divs account for it beautifully.

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jameskaneAuthor Commented:
thanks again jason,

what I ment on the technology front was - developing an application which would run on a pc monitor and would adopt itself to also use all the real estate of a large LCD TV/Monitor (like 42 inch). - 16:9 .

I have a  16:9 laptop, but nothing approaching one of those big LCD TVs

I'll do some trawling around again and see what I find.

Many thanks,

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
If you design using percent widths, you can extrapolate what it will look like on one of the big puppies.  16:9 is 16:9...
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