Can a client access wirless bridge not configured as AP

Here is our scenario, We have two Aironet 1400's facing each other to extend our LAN.
One is configured as root bridge the other is non root bridge. I see an option in the GUI to
configure as an Access Point. My question is- Does the fact that I have the aironets configured
as bridges prevent unauthorized clients from accessing the bridges and thus our network?
Are these bridges considered Access Points?
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DarkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would say no, wireless clients authorized or not cannot access the Aironet's when in bridge mode.  Some support this and some do not, but from the CIsco FAQ located at:

the 1400 series bridges cannot service wireless clients.

Q. Can wireless clients associate to the bridge?

A. This depends on the platform of the bridge.

The 350 Series Wireless Bridge supports servicing clients when configured as a non-root bridge.

The 1300 Series Wireless Bridge supports servicing wireless clients in both the root mode and the non-root mode.

Note: For this, you need to select Root Bridge with Wireless Clients or Non-Root Bridge with Wireless Clients when you define the role of the bridge under Role in Radio Network in the Network Interfaces page of the Wireless Bridge GUI.

The 1400 Series does not support servicing wireless clients.
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