Agent crashes Notes from COM

I have an agent which processes email and I want to call from I have attached the code from the agent and the code from the button click in .net.

Running and debugging the agent from within Notes, the agent works fine. When I try from .net Notes crashes and dumps a 2mb log file.

I can only conclude that either:
1. The code is processed too fast outside of the debugger
2. There is a security issue.

Thanks in advance.
This is the code in .NET.
Dim lcl_session As Domino.NotesSession
Dim lcl_session_database As Domino.NotesDatabase
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim html_email_agent As NotesAgent
lcl_session = New Domino.NotesSession()
lcl_session_database = lcl_session.GetDatabase("", "mail\chafford100.nsf")
If lcl_session_database.IsOpen() = False Then
End If
doc = lcl_session_database.CreateDocument
doc.ReplaceItemValue("Form", "Memo")
doc.ReplaceItemValue("PostedDate", Now())
doc.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo", "")
doc.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", "HTML email 1")
doc.ReplaceItemValue("From", "")
doc.ReplaceItemValue("Body", "This is the test subject")
doc.SaveMessageOnSend = True
doc.Save(True, False)
html_email_agent = lcl_session_database.GetAgent("TestAgent1234") 
If IsNothing(html_email_agent) = False Then
    MsgBox("Agent not found")
End If
'This is the agent:
Sub Initialize
	Dim notes_session As notessession
	Dim notes_database As notesdatabase
	Dim existing_document As notesdocument
	Dim mail_subject As Variant
	Dim recipient_address As Variant 
	Dim html_email_body As Variant
	Dim agent As NotesAgent
	Dim mail_document As NotesDocument 
	'Set up the Current Database.
	Set notes_session = New NotesSession 
	Set notes_database = notes_session.currentdatabase
	'Pull up the document that was created prior to this call
	Set agent = notes_session.CurrentAgent
	Set existing_document = notes_database.GetDocumentByID(agent.ParameterDocID)
	'Create a new document. We will mail this.
	Set mail_document = notes_database.CreateDocument
	'Grab the recipients, subject and body from the existing mail.
	recipient_address = existing_document.GetItemValue("SendTo")
	mail_subject = existing_document.GetItemValue("Subject")
	html_email_body = existing_document.GetItemValue("Body")
	mail_document.SaveMessageOnSend = True
	Call mail_document.ReplaceItemValue("Form", "Memo")
	Call mail_document.ReplaceItemValue("PostedDate", Now())
	Call mail_document.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo", recipient_address)
	Call mail_document.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", mail_subject)
	Call mail_document.ReplaceItemValue("Body",html_email_body)
	Call mail_document.ComputeWithForm(True,False)
	'Send the email
	Call mail_document.send(False)
	'Remove the document which we created to pass the data.
	Call existing_document.Remove(True)
End Sub

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Is this on  server or a Notes client.try notes.notessession rather than domino.

ALso R5 is ancient and no longer supported so it may be tough trying to fully debug.


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chafford100Author Commented:
Spot on with your suggestion.

Actually just to complete the solution there is a need to late bind everything so I changed the .net code to be CreateObject() etc. etc. When I ran the code the agent worked first time.

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