AOL - Installation Cancelled at 99% state; snmaster.idx file missing when trying to start AOL

I installed AOL Desktop software on a new Windows Vista Home Preimum computer, then learned that my client really wanted the AOL 9.0 VR software.  I downloaded 9.0 VR and believe I took the "upgreade to new version on this computer" option.  The installation proceeded just fine up to the 99% completion mark, then popped up a message that states "Installation canceled.  Thank you for considering AOL and beginning the installation process.  We're sorry that you decided not to complete the installation at this time"  It then goes on to suggest that the installation may be resumed by clicking on the "RetryAOL 9.0" icon on the desktop.  I tried that and came back to the same installation cancelled message.  

In fact, I uninstalled AOL from the Control Panel Add/Remove projgramas option, Rebooted the computer, tried the download again and got the same measage at the 99% mark.  I thne spent over an hour on the phone with an AOL technician who had me try different AOL versions to see if one of them could be installed, but we continued to bomb out at the 99% installation completion level with the same cancellation message.

When trying to start AOL from the desktop icon, I see the message snmaster.idx file missting.  I Googled that and found many hits, so the problem I encountered is not unique; however, I could not find a "rock solid" solution.  The AOL technician did suggest installling from a CD, but I have little confidence in that atlernative.  Personally, I think some registry entries are messed up.

In conclusion, how do I "reset the shot clock" to enable a clean installation of AOL software.  Thanks in advance for your insight!
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do you mean system restore?>reset the shot clock
Windows Vista System Restore Guide
CCleaner does a good job of tidying up the registry and removing temp files.
bbaumbergerConsultantAuthor Commented:
I did roll back the system using Vista Restore to a point prior to AOL being installed.  Still have the same problem reported originally.  The AOL installation aborts at the 99% complettion point with the "Installation cancelled message."  I plan to escalate this issue with AOL technical support to see what they suggest.
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bbaumbergerConsultantAuthor Commented:
Discussed this problem with AOL support again. They suggested a registry change in additon to uninstalling AOL software.  That had NO EFFECT on the original prolblem  I finally resolved the problem by restoring the computer's oriiginal factory image and reinstalling application software.  I consider the case closed and do not recommend awarding points, although I appreciate the suggestions offfered by the respondents.
AOL has many bugs since it litterally takes over your system files in many aspects, monitors and takes control of most of your applications, runs many services too.. I don't doubt this scenario would be magnified intensly running Vista what a clash.
With XP sp2 was one thing but running this software with Vista is still untested and could cause enormous problems..
my advise stay away from AOL running Vista until it is user friendly.
Take a look at the quick google I did
 shows the numerous issues other users have experienced

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This AOL help article appears to solve the problem quickly without the need for returning the machine to it's factory condition.
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