Display flickers only when using MS word

I just replaced my 19" LCD with a 22" Samsung 226cw.
Everything works just fine except when I go into Microsoft Word. The whole
screen shakes and flickers. When I minimize MS Word, the shaking goes away.
This does not happen with Excel, Outlook, etc. I tried two different version
of Office, XP and 2007, and both have the same problem. I also changed the
resolution and the refresh rate and the problem still exists. This did not
happen on my 19" so I'm a little stumped at this point. Any ideas?

BTW: I have the most recent video and monitor drivers installed and Office is
up to date on patches.
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Are you using the standard Microsoft monitor drivers or the Samsung one?

Whichever you are using trying switching and using the other one to see if that fixes your problem.  Also, may seem silly but try swapping cables or try switching from a DVI to VGA or vise-versa just to see if the problem goes away when using the other type.

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I have never heard of Word or any Office product causing a flickering problem.  This particular monitor may have an interaction with your room lighting - try turning the room lights off and see if it does it in this situation.
I seem to be having this same issue but it is with the Inbox message list in Outlook only... Installing Service Pack 1 for 2007 now. I would say to make sure that your office product is fully up to date.
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This is certainly wierd. I have not seen anything like this with LCD monitor. However, with CRT monitor, I have seen something "similar". In the CRT case, whenever a large portion (50%+) of the display was displaying a bright white block, e.g. MS Word window with a blank document, the whole screen display would flicker (a voltage regulator was used to minimized the power source variation factor). It was the "power" components in the CRT mainboard that was faulty in a way that when the gun was to produce a display above certain light intensity, the symptom kicked in. Hope this will give you some light in troubleshooting your LCD monitor.

Suggest you try your LCD monitor with a voltage regulator to see if bad power source played a part in the problem.
I figured out my issue by updating the Antivirus software and going into MSCONFIG and disabling some startup items
TSCATAuthor Commented:
I am stumpted,  I have tried everything.  It does not do it on other computers either... so its not a problem with the display.   I am starting to think its just not compatible with the video card because the other LCD did not do this.  
So, the only way to confirm your "compatiblity" theory is to slot in a different video card to your current system to verify. Good luck.
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