Intel Matrix Storage, Raid 1, How can I test both Disk Drives for identical data

I would like to test my Raid Drives for data errors or how can I tell if both drives have the same data on each drive without errors?

I'm using Intel Matrix Storage in a Raid 1 configuration with Intel Matrix Storage Manage Option ROM v6.0.1022 ICH8R.  I have also install Intel Matrix Console 7.8 But I can't find away to test both drives for consistency.
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IS there a checksumming setting?
Open up the Intel Matrix Storage Console, and right-click on your volume.  Among the options, you'll see "Verify" and "Verify and Repair".  "Verify" only does a check.  "Verify and Repair" will also fix any discrepancies it finds.  It will report back how many errors it finds.  

One other note, if you see a ton of errors the first time you run it, don't panic.  If the array was never initialized, you may see this.  Just do a verify and repair, and it'll initialize everything.  

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BIDMCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help! This solution solved my problem.
This is my first time requesting help and I don't know how to award you the points!
Thank Again!
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