use wmi to detect a dvd drive in group policy

We use group policy to deploy a variety of software titles inour domain, like micorosoft office for instance.  I would also like to deploy powerdvd, however only to computers that have a dvd or dvd writer.  Im pretty sure you can do this with a wmi filter.  If someone could give me some step by step directions or point me to some whitepaper that would be great.  I am pretty good with active directory and group policy but no where near an expert when it comes to wmi.  thanks
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

I'm not sure you can write such WMI filter. You need to examine Win32_CDROMDrive class, there is one property which comes colse to what you are looking for, MediaType, but I belive, that it actually reports type of inserted disk not type of drive. This property comes back with result "CD-ROM" even if drive is DVD. The other posibility is to use Caption property with "like" operator. Actually I don't like "like" operator and have never used it myself but the following query might help you ;)
Description of Win32_CDROMDrive class:



Select * from Win32_CDROMDrive Where (Caption Like "%DVD%")

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colonialiu20Author Commented:

so, does the "like" function basically say is there the word "dvd" somewhere in the caption?
Is there a way to preview the results?

Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Yes, "like" will find the word DVD in Caption.

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