I have an old server that is out of warrenty and I want to replace with a new machine. The new machine will have the same OS but I want to change the domain name to something more defining, Can I use DCpromo to add the new server with the new domain fo data migration?
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murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you are mistaken about the trust between domains. I have used Active directory migration tool to migrate SBS. As the user wants to change domain names it will work just fine. It has been a while but I believe MS recommends this method.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Bit vauge on what you are doing there.  Yes, DCPROMO can be used to add or remove a DC, and it can have a differant name.  

Can you post back a bit more detail on what you have, andf where you want to be?  
As this is posted in the SBS section I assume you are using SBS. If so you cannot uswe the domain rename tools. If you want to install a new machine with a new domain name you will have to build a new, seperate domain and then rebuild it with the new name.  Its going to be a labourious process of exporting and re-importing user accounts. You won't be able to use ADMT either as that requires a trust between the domains - something not possible the SBS.
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