PowerDirector Will Not Run

I'm running into the same problem others have, but have not found an answer, so here goes:

When I try to run CyberLink Power Director 5 NE Express that came with the JVC HD7 video camera, it fails to run.  It starts to, but after about 2 seconds, it just stops.  I've tried many unsuccessful fixes, including reinstalling, uninstalling/reinstalling, shutting down all Services and Startups via msconfig, booting to Safe Mode, running full sys virus scan, CCleaner, registry cleaner, and even deleted all instances to CyberLink in the registry.  The program still will not run.

I do have a lot of programs installed - Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, DVD Fab, DVD Shrink, Nero, Norton Ghost, Skype, Mapsourse, and some others, all of which work fine.

Any thoughts?

AMD Athelon 64 3200+
Win XP2 with all updates
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hmm puzzling for sure, where to go from here since you have already done a lot.
What does it need to run?
I have a JVC and it came with Power Producer Gold And Ulead Video etc.
Lets look at codecs, I do know some software can  casue hang during install because of other softare installed, to give you an example my video capture card comes with Winfast Media center I discovered that windows media encoder 9 made the winfast hang on setup go figure.
I woudl start with checking everything in teh task manager that maybe related to your other software installed and stop their services.
Do you have a web cam? uninstall it.
Maybe the web cam is starting with windows and is preventing the install?
Go to start run type in msconfig start-up uncheck everything you dont need to start with windows.

Only other idea for test
 is to create a new profile an administrator account of course no password required..
 and then log off this one and onto new
try installing it again.

Try these for now.. good luck

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one more idea, check in programfiles is there a folder in here for power director/ delete it
JimDossAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I had already done the suggested ideas.  Oddly enough, I found the solution last night before bed.  I was trying a different program to convert JVC's .tod files to .mpg.  That program needed Quicktime installed and I was running QT Alternative.  After I uninstalled Alternative and installed "real" Quicktime, PowerDirector decided to run.  Go figure.  Nothing on their website mentions this.

Anyway, something to note if this comes up again.
Thanks for the headsup and glad I was able to assist you a little .
Guess the setup could tell the diference good call.
Quicktime full stand alone without iTunes!

Regards Merete

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