How can I make this gif image transparent?

I am trying to make the background of this image of a gray circle transparent.  Its a gif and I was using GIMP 2 to try to edit it.  I was unable to do it.  Any suggestions?
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If nobody ends up telling you how to do it with Gimp, here it is if you need it. I darkened 7 or 8 pixels in the anti-alias edging that weren't close enough to white to turn transparent (they would've looked pretty bad on a dark background), but other than that it was 3 clicks in PSP (click dropper tool, right-click 'drop' of background color, click Set Transparency on toolbar and select 'current background color' from the choices. I don't think JASC or Corel ever made a version of PSP for *NIX boxes though.

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Although you can follow the instructions Darr247 gave you for PSP (all those programs work in a similar way), I can give you instructions for GIMP. They are a bit different, but I would like to be sure your circle looks god at your background(s).

0. Dialogs > Layers opens dialog layer. Now I see the name is written in normal font (not bold), so I know you have transparency in your picture.
1. choose Fuzzy select tool, in its properties set threshold to 20. Click on the white background. If you don't see selection border, press ctrl+T.
2. delete the selection by pressing DEL key...

(background is transparent, now it is the time to test and fine tune your picture... )

3. select the whole picture, e.g. with ctrl+A
4. make a new picture and paint it in the color of the background where your picture should stay in future or insert a background picture
5. paste your circle
6. right click on the circle > Layers > New

(how it looks like, should you delete some more pixels?)

7. choose eraser, Circle (01) brush, with opacity 100 and scale 1.
8. delete light gray pixels that you don't need... Remember to test your circle on all your backgrounds!


9. save the picture in xcf format (this picture you can use if you want to come back to it and erase more points)
10. select the background layer and delete it
11. convert the picture to indexed mode (as you did for your circle)
12. save as gif.

You didn't write how your background looks like. If it is (almost) in one color, it would be better to draw the circle on the background in that color, and then make steps 0.-2. Gray color of the border will go towards your color (and not towards white) and few pixels will not make troubles.
jwright9Author Commented:
Both of you, Thanks for your professional solution.  There are alot of things to know regarding image manipulation.
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