What is the best way to mirror a site for backup reasons?

I have a small internal web server that I want to mirror for backup reasons.  I would like to have it such that if one computer goes down the other will take it's place seamlessly.

In other words:

As "raid 1" is to drives...
$solution is to websites.

I am looking for a raid 1 type solution for websites (if it even exists).

I know I have a few tools such as rsync and MySql slave master database redundancy, but it seems there are still a lot of holes in the process such as keeping each distribution instance equally up to date.    

I am also looking to do this with free software.  The server is CentOS4.

I am sure others have run into this and would appreciate any input.


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without having a round robin DNS system, there is some interesting reading here for both availability and replication...
But this will be more specific to your type of service and the OS.

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The best way is to create a cluster server.


You do a search on google about this .

ibanjaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.    Both of your links seem to have enough information that I should be able to put something together now.

Thanks ded9 too, but I am not running Windows.

Thank you,
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