How do I report out of Lotus Notes databases?

I have several custom built Lotus Notes databases that I need to report from.

I'd like to be able to design and execute reports that are easily imported into Excel.

I know there are a whole bunch of packages available when you do a Google search. But, I need the reporting application to be workstation based, not Domino Server based. That is, I don't want to have to install any components onto the Domino Server.

Any suggestions?
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Importing into Excel is pretty easy.  Most spread sheet programs and databases allow you to 'export' the data to a delimited file.  For example, it may be comma delimited or tab delimited.  In Excel, you can import data by going to 'Data', 'Import External Data' and following the wizard.  If the file you are importing is comma delimited, every time a comma is reached it will put the data in a new cell reporducing the original file.  
ashemorganAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for more of a package where I can design reports (drag-n-drop), where as when the data reaches Excel it is already processed (filtered, ordered, formatted, etc).
Why work so hard.

Any view you can create can be exported to a Lotus 123 file, which Excel can automatically import.

simply use wk4 as the suffix of the export.

Good for up to 32K rows I think.

There may be issues on Excel 2007, since it may not have the Lotus 123 filters any more. Open Office can import wks files natively.
I hope this helps !
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ashemorganAuthor Commented:
Can you please tell me the process I need to follow to export out into Excel?
1) Create or open any existing view.

2) From the menu choose file - export, and choose Lotus 123

3) For the filename use a suffix of wk4,,  ie  test.wk4

After export, either double click on the file exported, or open it manually in excel.

Also see the Notes Client help on exporting a view.

I hope this helps !

The Intelliprint Analytics or Reporting tools do this pretty well and I think that you can use either of them locally or on a server.

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