Changing Log Format on Squid to show Hostname rather than IP Address

Currently have Ubuntu 6.06 Server with Squid 2 and SARG to view reports. Wanting to get the logs to log what we want and not the default logging in Squid, by default SARG shows the IP address of the remote/client machine because squid logs that and we want it to show Machine Name instead due to networking being Dynamic IP's.

Have seen the LogFormat option but have been unable to get squid to restart after adding that line.

Would like to log
"Date / Time / Remote Hostname / Site Visited / Download Size / Time Spent at site / If it is a Denied Site etc..."
I believe it is the same as the default except Remote Hostname instead of IP Address
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Please see the topic below in the links:

Field Definitions -> remotehost

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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
The problem with loggers and host names is that to convert an IP address to a host name requires reverse DNS lookup. This may be either
-slow, resulting in other log messages being lost, or
- unsuccessful anyway.

You could cruft up a post-processor to do the conversion: you'd probably want to keep a cache of resolved IP's and resolving a new one is achieved by dig, e.g

19:35:46$ dig -x|grep|grep -v DiG|awk '{print substr($1,1,length($1)-1)}'
thorpey83Author Commented:
omarfarid thanks but that is the site i saw the whole logformat thing but getting squid to actually recognise/restart after entering  the LogFormat="%>A" is another thing.

duncan_roe thanks for the advice but 1 went over my head also was hoping the squid would do it itself if i can change the format of the logs
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