Deploy VS 2008/VSTO 3 Office Application Add-In with Windows Installer (not ClickOnce)

I am trying to deploy an excel application addin developed in VS 2008/VSTO 3.  We don't want to use ClickOnce as we deploy apps to our users via group policy and msi's are much easier in that regard.

I have followed a few walkthroughs for VS 2005 VSTO SE add-ins ( and ( but they don't seem to work (I always get the 'This is not a valid office addin' error when I try and enable it in word.  Do I have to do something different with VSTO 3 add-ins?

Has anyone got any step by step instructions on how to deploy vs 2008 office 2007 add-ins without using click-once?

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raidevnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a complete example with sample add-in, setup project, custom actions, etc.

Deploying a VSTO 3.0 solution for the Office 2007 using Windows Installers

Key steps here are registering the add-in in the registry and adding the add-in to the inclusion list of trusted addin if your add-in is not signed - like mine ;-)
QldRobboAuthor Commented:
forgot to mention it deploys fine and works when I use clickonce, so its not my code that causes the error message
QldRobboAuthor Commented:
Can anyone please help.
QldRobboAuthor Commented:
Yep, I actually found that just recently with thanks to Andrew Coates from microsoft.
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