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Planning/Setup of Acronis True Image Enterprise 9.1

I currently run one SBS2003 server with exchange, a webserver (iis6), and SQL database.  I want to know the best way to setup Acronis True Image Enterprise 9.1 as it has various modules to install from the main menu.  I have read some other posts but all included backing up to backup servers which i do not have.  I currently have a Raid 1 setup (mirroring).  I was considering a NAS as opposed since we can not afford an additional server to use as a backup server.  Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way of setting this up in my environment?  Is it possible to write backups to a CDRW until I have a NAS to write backups to?  Is something wrong with writing backups to the server itself since I mirror the drive?
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You would be writing a recipe for disaster if you backup the local drives  to the local drives IMO.  Don't rely on that just because you have RAID 1.  

Don't forge that you want backups taken off of the premises in case you have theft, fire, flooding, etc.

At the least, you can pick up a couple of 300GB externals, and backup to them and rotate them out weekly - taking one offsite each time.  Not the best backup scheme, but you can do this for under $250 easily.  You can also backup to a share on another machine temporarily and back that up as well if need be  - to DVD or whatever media.  A NAS solution would be good given your money concerns, but still, you wouldn't necessarily have an offisite rotation.  

SteveMat11Author Commented:
I do not have any experience with backups wat so ever.  What is a good rule as far as frequency?  Do you recommend daily, weekly, monthly?  Currently I have been using the builtin windows backup and have been getting files about 14-15 gb and storing the backup on its own drive.  Also, do you have any idea how this install process works as far as which modules of this software go where?
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